Recommendations For A Successful Property Cleanup With A Dumpster Rental

Cleaning up your yard and home can be a big task, especially when you are dealing with how to dispose of all the waste. A dumpster rental is a great solution to this problem. Here are some recommendations for you to get the most out of your dumpster rental and cleanup project.

Plan Dumpster Placement

When you arrange for a dumpster rental delivery to your home or property, you may need to plan out in advance where you should and can place the dumpster. Your dumpster delivery professional is going to arrive with the dumpster on the back of the truck, and they will unload it onto your property. However, you need to have a good understanding of where you want it and where you can put it. 

Depending on the project and the cleanup you are doing, you may want the dumpster positioned differently. For example, if you are doing a roof removal and replacement, you may want to place the dumpster directly below the edge of your home's roof. This will make for easy waste disposal into the dumpster because you can drop or push the roof materials right off the roof and into the dumpster. And if you are doing a yard cleanup, you will want to place the dumpster in as close an area as possible to where your work is going to take place, such as near the piles of yard trash and waste you need to remove to the dump.

You may want to have your dumpster placed in the street just at the curb of your property in some cleanup projects. In this situation, you need to contact your local county or city to make sure you can have the dumpster set at this position for a period of time. They may require a special permit for you to place it on the city street. Otherwise, you will need to find a convenient location on your property to place the dumpster.

Maximize Dumpster Space

The dumpster's interior space may seem like a large space when it arrives empty, but it can quickly fill up if you don't take care of how you fill it. Some items are bulky and won't fit well into the dumpster, especially if you just toss them in haphazardly. Angled items and protruding lengths of metal or wood, for example, can take up much more space than is necessary. For this reason, you should rent a dumpster that has a side door or hatch that opens to allow you to walk into the dumpster.

When you can walk into your dumpster, you will be able to place items in a planned-out manner, filling the space evenly and managing to maximize the interior. After the dumpster is filled about halfway, you can close the side hatch and continue filling it from the top. However, set a ladder up the side of the dumpster so you can look inside as you continue to fill it.

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